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About Lucky Penny Candles

Meet Our Founder

Dom LeRoux was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. Since he was a young child, Dom has been passionate about personalized gifts. Some of his favorite memories are of trips to visit family in the Niagara Falls area, where he always made sure to visit a gift shop and buy a personalized memento with the allowance he’d saved.

Candles were part of Dom’s childhood, both at home and at church. They also marked important milestones in his family’s life when they were used gestures of support, sending positive vibes when loved ones were going through struggles or needed encouragement.

Dom’s family emphasized kindness, gratitude, and positive thinking. He was a Cub Scout, where he learned even more ways to be kind and considerate of others. Through scouting, Dom volunteers on many occasions including at the Fondation Papillon, also known as the Quebec Society for Disabled Children, an organization dedicated to defending the rights of children with disabilities and building a more inclusive society. 

Dom attended college in the US, graduating from Bellevue University and continuing his e-commerce & business studies at Northcentral University. After completing his studies, he worked with leading companies in the fields of consumer packaged goods and on-demand printing.

No matter where his career took him, Dom was always guided by a drive to make the world better. Combining his experience and education in e-commerce with his love of candles and personalized gifts, he created Lucky Penny Candles on the principles of kindness and gratitude for being able to deliver the finest American-made personalized candles.

The Lucky Penny Candles Story and Purpose

Lucky Penny Candles Office With their headquarters in Florida, US, Lucky Penny Candles provides  personalized scented candles for both consumers and corporations. The company was built on the foundation of kindness and being grateful. To ensure the highest quality, each candle is made in the United States and may be customized for a wide range of special occasions. Since Lucky Penny's inception in 2016, the company has been known for its personal approach to candle production. In addition to a comprehensive selection of personalized candles, the Lucky Penny Candles online store also provides useful extras like an event reminder. Ground shipping is used to deliver orders to any location in the United States.


Lucky Penny Candles came into being in 2016, and the company launched its online store in 2021. The company’s founder, Dom LeRoux, has always deemed candles to be an intimate expression of love and gratitude, owing to fond childhood memories involving candles. Lucky Penny Candles was created with the aim to make everyone feel loved and appreciated in a unique and cost-effective way. The business now caters to candle requests for business as well as private events.

Our Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Lucky Penny Candles is committed to reducing its own environmental footprint, using resources responsibly, and reducing waste. The wicks used by Lucky Penny are made of natural cotton, free of lead and zinc, and include an eco-friendly soy mix wax. Each candle is made in the United States and labeled by hand with love.


100% natural soy wax blend.


Each candle we make are made and labeled by hand in The USA.


Our wicks are made of natural cotton free of lead and zinc.


Clean fragrances free from potentially hazardous chemicals.

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