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Lucky Penny Candles Introduces New Range of Corporate Gifts

Customizable soy-blend candles build relationships, celebrate achievement

VENICE, FL, February 1st, 2022 – Lucky Penny Candles proudly introduces a full range of candles and related products designed especially for employee recognition. It has never been more important to recognize the effort and sacrifice of the employees who have helped organizations large and small navigate unprecedented challenges. Scented candles are a personal, enduringly meaningful expression of gratitude to the people who make things happen.

A recent study commissioned by Instaprint shows that 94% of office workers say that they value gifts from their managers as tokens of their appreciation. Candles fit the bill perfectly. John Rulin, an expert on corporate giving, believes that the most effective gifts for employees are ones that they can bring home and enjoy with their families, partners, and friends. When employees bring home a candle, they reinforce the notion that their best efforts at work help them create fond memories at home.
Candles aren’t just reasons to turn down the lights. Lucky Penny’s candles are available in a wide variety of carefully blended scents, bringing a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere to any room. Our sense of smell is linked directly to the parts of our brain responsible for memory and instinct, and Lucky Penny candles directly support feelings of tranquility and satisfaction.
To top it all off, every Lucky Penny candle is sustainably produced in the US, using an environmentally friendly soy blend. After establishing itself as a leading consumer brand, the company decided to help businesses and organizations share the joy and improve their employees’ job satisfaction.
“When we designed our corporate line, we imagined ourselves as rank-and-file employees," says Lucky Penny founder Dom Leroux. “After all, we’ve been there ourselves. Our eco-friendly corporate candles can be customized with a company's logo, colors, and a special message. We want to make them available to any organization with great employees, so we’ve kept minimum order quantities as low as possible.”
Above all, continues Leroux, Lucky Penny did not want to add to the pile of corporate merchandise handed off to employees each year.


“The wrong corporate gift can feel cold and impersonal,” he notes. “At worst, handing out company merchandise can backfire altogether, making employees feel more like cogs in a machine than like the individually wonderful people they are. Even worse, corporate gifts are expensive! That’s why we’ve done everything possible to deliver a solution that makes employees feel truly seen and appreciated, while keeping costs down for their employers.”
To find the Lucky Penny Candles corporate gift that’s just right for your organization, please visit https:www.luckypennycandles. For more information about the company and its new corporate line, please write to
Lucky Penny candles are made in the United States and sold through the Lucky Penny Candles online shop. It has been Lucky Penny Candles' goal since its inception in 2016 to supply its devoted consumers with the greatest, most ecologically friendly candles and treat them with the tenderness, generosity and respect they deserve.