Unlock the Power of Strategic Corporate Gifting with "The Corporate Gifting Playbook"

Dom LeRoux, the author of "The Corporate Gifting Playbook," embarked on a unique journey to explore the power of strategic corporate gifting. He created a line of premium scented candles called "Lucky Penny Candles" and spent an entire year gifting them to business owners across the United States and Canada. Immersing himself in the gifting strategies, Dom attended numerous events, observed firsthand the impact of his candles, and documented the measurable results.

From expressing appreciation to valued employees as a talent retention tactic to approaching prospective clients at local events and showing gratitude to loyal customers, Dom's "Lucky Penny Candles" gifting strategies provided real-life examples of how thoughtful corporate gifts can attract new business, foster customer loyalty, and boost employee engagement.

The strategies outlined in "The Corporate Gifting Playbook" are designed to benefit businesses of all sizes, from solopreneurs to large corporations, across various departments such as HR, Sales, and Marketing. The book offers a comprehensive guide to leveraging effective gifting practices to achieve organizational goals and drive growth.

What truly sets this book apart is Dom LeRoux's unparalleled dedication to understanding the art of corporate gifting. Unlike those who resort to generic, impersonal swag items that recipients often discard, Dom invested considerable time and effort into his innovative approach and hands-on experimentation. His book offers a refreshing perspective on how strategic gifting can be a powerful tool for building meaningful connections, strengthening relationships, and ultimately, driving business success.

The Lucky Penny Candles Experiment: A Year of Strategic Corporate Gifting