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Latest Blog | Importance of Product Presentation for Brands

Importance of Product Presentation for Brands

Having your brand's identity reflected in the packaging is a powerful marketing tool. If you've gone to the trouble of developing a brand identity, you owe it to yourself to maintain that identity throughout all of your business's touchpoints, from the logo to the website to the labeling and shipping elements. Brand consistency is essential, and so is the packaging in which items are shipped.
Imagine ordering a premium candle from an online store. A few days later, the candle finally comes, and you are all excited. The packaging and presentation are abysmal, the box itself has no branding; in fact, you don't even know from whose company the package originated. 
The candle may have a wonderful aroma and serves your purpose admirably. However, the lack of brand on the packaging will not help your customers separate you from any other company. 
What's the takeaway here?
The presentation of a brand in its packaging matters! Not only does it affect the visual appeal of your brand, but it also impacts the longevity, accessibility, and overall user experience of your product. And it's all going to have an impact on the key performance indicator (KPI) that matters most to your business: revenue.
At Lucky Penny Candles, we are staunch believers in delivering an exciting and memorable even before the product is unboxed. Our unique and welcoming packaging makes customers feel welcomed and appreciated, and builds anticipation for the wonderful magic that awaits them inside the box!
PS: If you are looking for quality custom packaging tape to brand your shipments, check out Sticker Mule!

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