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Latest Blog | Why Do People Put Candles In The Freezer?

Why Do People Put Candles In The Freezer?

Did you know that some people put candles in the freezer? Initially, it might seem odd, but there are a few explanations behind this particular practice. Candles, traditionally associated with cozy warmth, take on a whole new twist when frozen.
In this blog, we’re going to unravel the mystery and discover why people are freezing their candles. Get ready for an enlightening exploration into the freezer-candle connection that will leave you intrigued and ready to try it yourself!
Common Reasons For Freezing Candles
Without delay, let’s explore why individuals choose to place candles in the freezer

1. To Increase The Lifespan Of Candle
When it comes to candle longevity, freezing can be a game-changer. By subjecting candles to icy temperatures, you’re actually employing clever wax preservation techniques that go beyond conventional methods. Freezing significantly slows down the burning process, allowing you to savor your favorite candles for a longer duration.
But that’s not all. Another advantage of freezing candles is the reduction of annoying wax drips. When a candle is frozen, the wax hardens more gradually, minimizing the chances of messy and excessive dripping. Say goodbye to waxy residues on your furniture and surfaces!
Imagine the pleasure of enjoying a candlelit evening without constantly worrying about wax cleanup or the candle burning out too quickly. Freezing candles enables you to extend their lifespan and relish their warm glow for hours on end. It’s an effortless technique that ensures your candles burn smoothly and elegantly, enhancing your overall candle experience.

2. To Maintain The Fragnance And Color Of the Candle
Freezing candles not only extends their lifespan but also helps in maintaining their captivating fragrance and vibrant colors, especially when considering the potential effects of heat.
Heat can accelerate scent evaporation, causing the fragrance of a candle to dissipate quickly. Similarly, high temperatures can lead to color fading, as the heat can alter the chemical composition of the dyes or pigments used in the candle’s coloration.
By freezing candles, you create a controlled environment that shields them from the detrimental impact of high temperatures. The lower temperatures slow down scent evaporation, allowing you to savor the delightful aroma for a prolonged period.
Additionally, the gradual hardening process in the freezer helps to preserve the vibrancy of the candle’s colors, preventing them from fading or becoming dull due to exposure to heat. Freezing serves as a practical solution to maintain both fragrance and color integrity, ensuring a more satisfying and visually appealing candle experience.
3. To Remove The Wax From Mold And Straightening Wicks
Freezing candles has some surprising perks that can make your candle experience even better. First, it solves the age-old problem of pesky wax residue. When candles are frozen, the wax hardens uniformly, making it a breeze to chip away or peel off without any stubborn leftovers. No more battling with stubborn wax!
But that’s not all. Freezing candles also help straighten wicks, transforming your candle burning into a smooth and enjoyable affair. The cold temperatures make the wicks rigid and easy to align, ensuring proper combustion. This means your candle will burn evenly without flickering or misshapen flames.
In a world of frozen wonders, it turns out that freezing candles has its own magic. From eliminating wax residue to straightening wicks, this unconventional practice takes your candle experience to new heights.
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