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Latest Blog | Save Time and Money and Get the Perfect Gifts For Your Employees!

Save Time and Money and Get the Perfect Gifts For Your Employees!

Gifts play important roles in our lives. They express our gratitude and create bonds. 
This is also true when an employee receives a thoughtful gift from an employer. In fact, an Instantprint survey showed that 94 percent of office workers would like their employers to give them gifts to make them feel valued. 
Employers should keep in mind that the gesture of gifting their employees on holidays can make them feel noticed and appreciated and positively influence their views of their employers.
Not all employees like common corporate gifts, such as gift cards, chocolates, mugs, or socks; the best gifts, according to John Ruhlin, one of the foremost authorities on corporate gifts, are ones that employees can enjoy together with their families or spouses/partners.
The truth is that employees love receiving personalized gifts that are non-consumable. Lucky Penny Candles can help businesses choose the perfect gifts for their employees! The environmentally friendly corporate candles can be personalized with a company's logo, colors, and unique message, require a low minimum quantity and you can expect a quick turnaround.
Candles are great gifts that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Giving personalized candle gifts to your employees will show them that you have put a little thought into the gifts and make them feel noticed and appreciated.
The team at Lucky Penny Candles